Mar 31, 2013

Current Filofax Setup

Since returning my Paperchase Organiser as mentioned in my previous post, I have since picked up a Personal Finsbury in Pink which I managed to pick up for an amazing price in my local Staples. I have obviously had to setup my Filofax again and of course, long awaited and overdue it is finally here and I am 99% happy with it! *FYI This could potentially be a VERY long post!*

Upon opening my beautiful Personal Finsbury I am greeted with the generic Filofax flyleaf and a tab-less divider I created from cardstock purchased for a bargain of £3.99 in my local Hobbycraft. Realistically, it has no purpose but I decided I wanted something instead of opening straight onto my tabbed dividers. I am yet to use the card slots at the front and if I’m honest, I probably will never use these as I prefer to keep most things in my purse.

1. Personal Divider Section – As the title suggests, this is where I am keeping all personal information and also my to-do lists. Personally, this is the one section I am not too keen on as the Paperchase inserts stick out like a sore thumb and are annoying me slightly, I may put the Filofax inserts back in or create my own via Microsoft Word but I will let you know properly once I have decided. As you can see, I have taken these photos before I have entered any details to save time editing, my Filofax isn’t this empty anymore!

2. Diary Divider Section – Again, as it says. Upon turning my tabbed divider, you are greeted with the Filofax Yearly Planner, after this I have my Filofax Month on Two Pages and then finally my Week on Two Pages Diary. Previously I was using the Week on One Page with Notes kindly gifted to me from another user on Philofaxy but I found that since starting my new job I have become incredibly busy and needed the extra writing space.

3. Work Divider Section – This section is a little empty at the moment as it was previously incorporated into my “Personal” section. At the moment I just have an insert for my working hours and also an annual leave planner for this year (my annual leave runs Apr-Mar 14). These inserts I actually created myself using Microsoft Word and a downloaded font to mimick the Filofax branded inserts so that they all are the same format, this is another reason I am not keen on the Paperchase to-do lists!

4. Financial Divider Section – Again, without stating the obvious this section is for my financial information. Here I am including my Monthly Income, Monthly Outgoings, Cash ISA Savings and also a section for my Loan Repayment. It’s handy knowing how much I spend on what rubbish every month and it’s actually helping me to cut down on my spending. Do I really need to keep buying McDonalds or Milkshakes, haha! These inserts were purchased from WH Smiths and if I remember correctly they were only £1.80.

5. Addresses – These inserts I believe are from a Kate Spade organiser, I am not entirely sure though as Imy actually sent me these (thank you!), again I have shown you a blank copy as I don’t think my friends and family will be impressed if I put their information on the Internet!

6. Miscellaneous – Here I have basic inserts that don’t generally fit anywhere else. I have created my own weightloss and wishlists again using Word and a font downloaded so everything is following the same layout. Beyond this I have standard Filofax pastel notepaper, white notepaper and some plain paper too. Right at the very end I have a Filofax Business Card holder which currently holds my European Healthcard, NHS Care Records Card (for my previous job, I now work in a Private Hospital) and some random Boots Points vouchers I received in the post, which actually have infact expired now so can be thrown away!

And that my fellow Filofax obsessives, is my current Finsbury setup, no doubt it will probably change again at somepoint but for now I am very happy with my Filofax!

Sorry this is such a long-winded post but if you have managed to get this far, I salute you! Thanks for reading guys, please leave a comment and let me know what you think as I am still relatively new at owning a Filofax!


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  • cute dividers..good luck in the new job..hope you continue to update on your filofax

    • Thank you! Started on the 4th March so has been a few weeks but can safely say this healthcare provider is the one I am sticking with :)

  • I love the post!!!

    They were from the Kate Spade organiser :) I think Angela sent them to me but since I moved from Filofax to Mulberry I had no use for them :)

    I love the dividers! and how you have managed to match the Filofax inserts so well!!!

    :) Genius! xxxx

    • Imy, I love the Kate Spade inserts, the only thing I am since writing this post mind you!
      I just searched fonts and downloaded one that looked similar, when I am back onto a computer I will let you know what it was called :)


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